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GroundTex Heavy Heavy Ground Cover Membrane Used To Cover Asparagus Beds

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GroundTex Heavy Duty Ground Cover Membrane Covering Asparagus Beds

GroundTex Heavy Duty Weed Membrane

Our customer Keith has sent us some great pictures of his new beds, using our GroundTex Heavy Duty Ground Cover Membrane. See his comments below:

"Please find photos of how I use your woven ground cover material (1/5mtr wide). This is my asparagus deep bed 6mtr long by 1-25 mtr wide. I have 12 deep beds altogether. I manure after cutting back and weeding the bed. Then cover with the material to suppress the weeds, allows rain to permeate, and also heats the ground to allow a longer growing season. I secure the material by cover the ends by a heavy weight and use castle drawing pins to secure this edges this has proved wind proof so far."

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